Transformative Coaching

Transformative vs Life Coaching

Life coaching can be as simple as "a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges". To identifying the area or areas of your life that need work, and then assigns appropriate strategies and tactics to reach the prior stated outcome. Life coaches, hold you accountable and use tools and tactics to help you solve your problem and achieve your goal.


I love the explanation of a transformative coach by transformative coach Antti Vanhanen.

He says the transformative coaching doesn’t offer advice, assign strategies or give you things to do. Instead, he will point to the misunderstandings that are keeping you from seeing what’s REALLY going on. When you see what you are really up against (and it’s almost never what you think you’re up against), you will be able to tap into your own wisdom so you can come up with your own wisdom, insights, and solutions.

To illustrate this in practice, consider people who’ve had a near-death experience and whose lives and behaviors changed in an instant as a result of that experience. Before they may have been afraid, insecure and serial procrastinators, but suddenly they start taking on big challenges and show up to life in a whole new way.

Their lives DID NOT change because they found better strategies and methods or because they found an endless supply of will power and motivation. No, their behavior changed because their perspective of life and their problems changed dramatically. They saw life in a different light and that made all the difference.

The job of a transformative coach is to help you change your perspective so that you are able to see more clearly what is REALLY going on. Once you do, you will know yourself exactly what to do and you will have the natural motivation and resilience to do it. No strategies, methods or superhuman displays of will power necessary. Who you are is totally enough.

Perhaps the best way to sum up how transformative coaching works is through the words of Carl Rogers: "the curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."



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